Charleston Children's Therapy Center

Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy
Social Motion Social Skills Classes
Child psychologist on site

Charleston Children's Therapy Center, LLC is one of the few therapist-owned, multidisciplinary private practices in the Charleston area.  We not only provide therapy in our newly-expanded office - which includes a fully-equipped sensory gym - but also provide therapy in the home setting (for those who qualify for services through Babynet).  Our team consists of highly-trained and licensed occupational, physical, and speech therapists who are dedicated to ongoing continuing education and the acquisition of advanced pediatric skills.

We provide a child-focused environment with therapists who are dedicated to providing optimal therapy services for infants, children and adolescents.  We recognize the unique challenges your child may face, and thus our focus is on implementation of innovative strategies to encourage total wellness for the child, allowing them to achieve success in all their activities.  Our ultimate goal is to give children functional skills that will help them to reach their full potential and possibly lessen their need for services in the future.

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